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A while ago I saw an advert for and thought wow. Then I saw the price and thought ouch. Then I started work on Emp3thy.

Emp3thy is a client server application that can stream mp3s to a music device. It is designed so that it can be extended to cover different models and makes of music devices, providing a core music server and controller to make managing and enjoying your music devices easy.

Released: (1.0.1)
  • New Features:
    • Airport Express Support
    • Core functionality unit tested - stable build
  • For those upgrading from any other .907 release you only need to re-install the Music Server (please uninstall first)

Emp3thy Roadmap: Roadmap
Emp3thy Installation:Instructions
Emp3thy Controller:PDAController-FAQ
Emp3thy is currently broken down into a series of components:

Music Server:

This is responsible for:
  • managing client players
  • streaming music and
  • managing the MP3 library.

The music server stores a collection of players. At present there are 3 supported players:
  • Barix Exstreamer
  • A PC Client NT Service
  • Airport Express

I'd really like to extend the number of supported players. Most of the infrastructure is there so adding new players should be incremental.

PC Client:

This is an NT Service that sits on a host PC and acts as a passive stream. There's not a lot of functionality here, most of the functionality is held in a 3rd party GPL component.


This is an app that runs on a PDA. I saw an advert for Sonos about a year ago and thought that the controller they had for their music system was a great idea. By using a Windows Mobile device you get:

Free networking built in
.Net Compact framework support
Full support for designing mobile apps in the dev environment.

You also get a nice big screen and the ability to do lots.

The controller controls:
  • Music Search and selection
  • Playlist management
  • Volume control
  • Server library location

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