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A PDA running Windows Mobile - at present the Controller only runs on a PDA
A PC with the .Net 2.0 Framework installed on it.
ActiveSync 4 or greater installed on your PC you dock your PDA with.

  • The music server should only be installed once on your network.
  • The music server should be installed on the same PC as your music collection.
  • At present you will need to uninstall existing versions before instsalling a new version of Emp3thy

Installation of Music Server Application

Run Emp3thy Server setup package. This will install the music server. No configuration is necessary.

Installation of PC Client Music Player

Run Empthy PC Client setup package. This will install the PC Client software. No configuration is necessary.

Installation of the PDA Controller Application

Run the Emp3thy Controller setup package. This will open the Windows CE application manager and prompt you to install the application on your PDA.

If you are re-installing the PDA controller run the un-install from both the PDA and from the client PC before re-installing the software

Running the PDA Controller for the first time

Click on the "Server" tab. Enter the location of your music collection (e.g. c:\music) on the PC you installed the Music Server on and then click "Update". The music server will begin to index your music collection. This will take a couple of minutes to complete (it will index 4500 files in 2 minutes). You'll know the Music Server has finished indexing your music collection when the "Available Tracks" box is populated with the number of tracks in your music collection

If you're using PC Client software then these will have already registered each PC Client with the Music Server. To see a list of available PC Clients click on the "Players" Menu. You'll see a list of players (Their initial name is the IP Address of the PC).

If you're adding an ExStreamer you'll need to do it manually. To do this click on the "Players" menu and then click "Add New". Fill in the details on the form (IP Address, Friendly Name and Device Type).

Playing Music

To play music first select a Player from the "Players" menu. Now click on the Search tab and click a letter. This will select all the tracks for the artists starting with that letter. Music is held in an Artist/Album/Track tree-list. Drill down to a track and click on it on it then click "add to playlist". Once you've done this go to "Playlist" tab and double-check that the track has been added to the playlist. If the track is there then click on the "Actions" menu and click play.

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