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Road Map for Emp3thy

Point releases will be bug-fix releases.

Version .90 (done)
  • Initial release of PC Client, Server and PDA Control applications
  • Functionality:
    • Stream mp3s to Barix ExStreamer or PC
    • Music Server can manage multiple devices and their streams simultaneously
    • Music Server allows searching by Artist, Album or Track name
    • Playlists can be copied or moved from one device to another

Verion .901(done)
  • Bug Fix Release

Version .902(done)
  • Bug Fix Release

Version .906(done)

*Bug Fix Release

Version .907
  • Internet Radio (shoutcast) support provided, including a searchable list of stations by name and genre
  • VGA version of PDA Control application for newer handhelds

Version .91
  • PC-based control application will be provided.
  • Syncing of ExStreamers will be supported

Version .92
  • uPNP devices supported
  • AirPort Express supported

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